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Thursday, 09.04.2020 07:07

​New York City-based “Honey and Blood Theater” has produced a play entitled “An Albanian, a Serb and the Soldiers”.

Prishtinë | 19/06/2019 09:47

(By Greg Kay) Kosovar playwright and screenplay writer Ibadete (IBI) Abazi, and her Husband Vinny Abazi, an actor and director, have founded a theater Production they call Honey and Blood Theater, whose name evokes dichotomous images of Balkan Europe; a region historically filled with both beauty and violence.

Ibi told that husband and wife team have established the production as a vehicle to introduce Southeastern European playwrights and actors to American audiences. The goal is to present well-known plays from former Yugoslavia conflict-zones such as Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. The theater’s latest project is a live performance entitled “An Albanian, a Serb and the Soldiers” written by Ibi and directed by Vinny. 

The play will feature celebrated Croatian actor Ivica Marc, who has performed in several American TV shows, including “Power”. The live performance will also introduce to the U.S. stage three new performers.  Serbian born actor Ivan Kirincic,  Albanian-born Julian Gjaci, and Montenegro native Izzy Durakovic.“An Albanian, a Serb and the Soldiers” fleshes out a tense scene during the last moments of the NATO bombing in Serbia. The story takes place in 1999.  

It is the last night of the NATO bombing campaign against the Serbian Army in Kosovo. In a cellar in downtown Pristina, Toni, an Albanian journalist and Dragani, a Serbian journalist, cynical and weary of the conflict, have opted out of participation in the war. The question then remains, what happens to two hungry, desperate and frightened men, whose forces are fighting just outside. 

It is a "play for actors", because it quickly and radically transforms them from beginning to end. Ibi stated that if everything proceeds as planned with the rehearsals and the production, they will host the premiere on July 5th and continue for eight more nights.

For all of those who are interested to see the play please follow the link: 



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