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Sunday, 05.02.2023 05:41

​The Board of Directors of RIT Capital reluctantly announce the separation with one of their partners in the Balkans.

Prishtinë | 18/12/2019 10:22

"It is with a collective heavy heart, that the board of directors of RIT Capital today agreed to a severance with our friend Agron Shahaj," said non-executive director of the board Hannah Rotschild "Agron Shahaj had our full backing in his pursuit of justice for A.D.

 However we have reflected upon the environment this has created -- One in which a rush to judgement takes precedence over everything else, including the facts, and With the company being on the verge of going to trial in a 2 year lawsuit, we had to finalize a severance agreement, where Agron was not paid, and ensured that he sold all his shares from the partnering company. 

We helped settle the lawsuit for 2.69 million. We are sure that Agron Shahaj will be very much successful in his future endeavors. 

He has a heart of a philanthropist and will be a beloved leader and visionary. He will surely play a pivotal role in transforming Kosovo and Albania into a destination."



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